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Saturday, October 15, 2011

some changes...

my new planter.  trying to grow some veggie and herbs...  we'll see!  we picked a bunch of basil and oregano for dinner, and it was good!  (it was the hubs' chili, which is always good...)

did i ever show you my couch?  i got the pattern from the slipcover girl, okay, not so much pattern as good instructions that were totally worth it, and it (mostly) worked.  if i would have followed the old pattern for the back cushions, it would have been perfect.  but, i decided to make them rectangular.  and somehow measured wrong.  so, i need one more, or something.  but for now, i like the look.  and am LOVING the white!  and my living room flows... 

okay, so the changes.  i am combining my blogs.  i separated to have the business separate from my family one.  but, in case you haven't noticed, that's been hard to maintain.  so, i am joining forces.  and moving them to a NEW location!  (but kind of the same...)  as of monday, you can go here to get me!  also, i have an etsy site now.  it's seems more practical to maintain and better for me (and hopefully you!).  so, there are the links.  hopefully these will be the last big changes.  and since there are, like, three of you that follow this blog, hopefully it's a move at a good time!