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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what i wore... and what i've been up to...

getting my hawaii driver's license!!!
shirt: gap maternity
pants: motherhood
earrings: free people
necklace: j. crew
camera strap: eclectic whatnot

at the beach!!!
swim suit: jc penny's

going to pick up my husband at the airport after TWO months of not seeing him!!!
dress: target
flower: j crew
shoes (cute brown wedges): steve madden

oh, new fabric i thought i would throw in!!  as soon as i get settled, i will be making FUN new bags with this amy butler oil cloth!

i think we were just bumming around this day...
shirt: hand me down... i think target
skirt: target maternity

so, we just moved to hawaii.  one week ago!  we are loving it!!!  and wonderfully, my brother flew with us and is still here to hang with us.  i am getting settled.  my sewing machine got here on monday, but i have yet to clear a space for it!  give me a few more days and i will be back in the shop!

linking up again with the pleated poppy...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

what i've been up to...

getting my new shoes.  that i LOVE!

a birthday party for a girl...

LOVED making the cake.  appropriate since we are moving to the "rainbow state"

she was thrilled with it...

and this boy...  we had to go to the er for some stitches...

i organized some slave labor to help me finish a project!  (no really, my WONDERFUL friends knew how stressed i was about finishing the project, and offered to help.  it was HEAVENLY!!!)

at the er.  thank goodness for a phone with apps and youtube!  a three hour wait for four stitches!
he loves to show them off...  and show off his "cars" band aid.  

so...  leslie won the giveaway... and on her BIRTHDAY no less!  happy birthday, leslie!  your bag is in the mail. 

and lb, thanks so much for hosting my FIRST. GIVEAWAY. EVER!

it's been a busy weekend.  busier than i even thought.  

i have been meaning to blog all weekend.  thursday night, i had a wonderful sewing night with my girlfriends.  but, we stayed up WAY too late...  way too late for this pregnant girl whose babies get up EARLY!  and friday, we had a birthday party for my girl, since we will have moved by her birthday and won't be with the fam for awhile.  and we were all up way too late.  (see a theme here?)  

saturday was a blur.  i napped.  saw a high school friend.  went to bed early after some cards with the fam.  today was church.  and a good book.  and the blow up pool outside.  and now "justin beiber: never say never" with my mom.  cause we can.  btw... my doppleganger is in this movie!!!  at one of the concerts.  crazy!