welcome to pink hydrangea. this is my passion... sewing and creating! it started as a hobby and moved to outfitting myself and my family. if you see something you like and are interested, email me at sewpinkhydrangea@gmail.com or visit my store.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a day of firsts... what i wore wednesday and a giveaway!!!

(dress: me!  fabric from joanns, $16 for both, serged by a friend!)
(shoes: $1 at old navy)
(sunglasses: kate spade- a Christmas present!)
(swim suit: jc penny- cause no one else had them when i was looking in january!)

(top: old navy- $6)
(jeans: tj maxx- seven- the off brand of "for all mankind")
(shoes: $1 old navy)
(bracelet: alex and ani- a gift!!)

my first ever "what i wore wednesday".  i'm going to be honest.  not sure how to link up with other wiww yet, but i am going to try!!  (technology exploded while i was expanding my family...  now i have to catch up!!!)

also... we are doing our FIRST. EVER. GIVEAWAY!  i was so excited when a dear friend emailed and asked if i would do one on her site.  her parents have a similar story to mine (dad went to the academy, mom was a navy nurse, met in san diego, got married REALLY fast... they even beat our six months).  she and my sister have been friends FOREVER!  

and... she has an awesome food blog.  i can't even tell you how many of her recipes i have used and LOVED, and how many more i want to try.  my favorite were the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.  there are so many more to try... not sure if my waistline can handle it!  

one of the things i love about her blog is that so many of her recipes are from some magazine or family recipe, but adapted by her.  she's not afraid to try out new things in her cooking.  anyway, check her out, and check out the giveaway!  

and, if i am doing this right, i should be linked with lindsey on the pleated poppy. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

new stuff...

soon to be posted on the site...

the pretty in pleats

with two pockets inside

a laminated blanket for outside.... (this is NOT the laminated side...)

the green side is laminated

perfect for picnics lunches

my parents have these BEAUTIFUL pink hydrangeas blooming right now...

some new wine creations...

reused from my brother's shirts...

he recently lost a bunch of weight and was getting rid of some shirts.  
i kept the shirts, not quite sure what i would do with them.

a padded little zippered bag. 

perfect for those things you don't want tossed around too much.

a wipes carrier.  

with a matching changing pad.

so, there you go.  a bunch of new projects.  

Friday, June 24, 2011

a work in progress...

my temporary "office"...  and some favorite inspiration books!

my mess...  and assortment of projects i am working on...

i have been working on some fun projects.  and working on a baby.  it's been a busy month for us!  i found out i was pregnant with our third just after we moved, and have three new projects to show you all.  however, the rain in northeast ohio has not helped me get good pictures.  i am hoping for tomorrow!

i changed the background to the blog... let me know what you think!

i also got my own domain name!  (i was told it was a good idea...)  i figured out how to link my shop to the domain name, all by myself!  phew... that was a big one for me!  so, now you can just go to www.pinkhydrangeashop.com and get to the big cartel shop!  how fun!

i am also working on a big bridesmaid gift order.  i have the first two done, and they look great!  can't wait to see the next eight!!!  i am so thankful for the friends and family that are so wonderfully supporting my business!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

a long month off...

a new fabric...  LOVE it!  it's the pink version of amy butler's tumble roses..

the quilt and matching pillows that i made for my sissy's wedding present.  
the pillowcases are recycled sheets!!

some new pillows...  
i love the burlap...  her request!

and the way they look against the white
adirondack chairs... handmade by my father-in-law

more pics...

okay, and one more...

a boy birthday banner...

happy birthday!

another shot

and a closeup.  i LOVE the anchors on the red and white fabric...

so, this month, i moved, was in five states in about 10 days, got pregnant, and settled into my parents house for the summer.  we are in the midst of a big move, and don't have a house quite yet.  it made more sense to crash at the 'rents.  so, here we are... my daughter is fascinated with all things "when mommy was a little girl".  she asks if EVERYTHING was mine, or what i did, when i was little.

so, we do a lot of hanging out at the pool... my sewing machine got it's yearly physical...  and i got new fabric.  i have some orders i am slowly working on, and a friend is setting up an open house for me.  so, i am working on that!  here's to getting back on the horse!!