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Friday, June 24, 2011

a work in progress...

my temporary "office"...  and some favorite inspiration books!

my mess...  and assortment of projects i am working on...

i have been working on some fun projects.  and working on a baby.  it's been a busy month for us!  i found out i was pregnant with our third just after we moved, and have three new projects to show you all.  however, the rain in northeast ohio has not helped me get good pictures.  i am hoping for tomorrow!

i changed the background to the blog... let me know what you think!

i also got my own domain name!  (i was told it was a good idea...)  i figured out how to link my shop to the domain name, all by myself!  phew... that was a big one for me!  so, now you can just go to www.pinkhydrangeashop.com and get to the big cartel shop!  how fun!

i am also working on a big bridesmaid gift order.  i have the first two done, and they look great!  can't wait to see the next eight!!!  i am so thankful for the friends and family that are so wonderfully supporting my business!

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