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Saturday, June 4, 2011

a long month off...

a new fabric...  LOVE it!  it's the pink version of amy butler's tumble roses..

the quilt and matching pillows that i made for my sissy's wedding present.  
the pillowcases are recycled sheets!!

some new pillows...  
i love the burlap...  her request!

and the way they look against the white
adirondack chairs... handmade by my father-in-law

more pics...

okay, and one more...

a boy birthday banner...

happy birthday!

another shot

and a closeup.  i LOVE the anchors on the red and white fabric...

so, this month, i moved, was in five states in about 10 days, got pregnant, and settled into my parents house for the summer.  we are in the midst of a big move, and don't have a house quite yet.  it made more sense to crash at the 'rents.  so, here we are... my daughter is fascinated with all things "when mommy was a little girl".  she asks if EVERYTHING was mine, or what i did, when i was little.

so, we do a lot of hanging out at the pool... my sewing machine got it's yearly physical...  and i got new fabric.  i have some orders i am slowly working on, and a friend is setting up an open house for me.  so, i am working on that!  here's to getting back on the horse!!

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