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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new projects....

some of my new fabric!!  
i am so excited to get the plastic off and start using it!!

my sweet little elephant.  

an owl.  for the chi omega in my life...  
so she can share it with her friends!

oven mitt and hot pads #1

oven mitt and hot pads #2

my new "it" bag.  
me.  my name in my bag that i made!

for that chi omega in my life....
or maybe her little.  or her big.  

oven mitt and hot pads #3...  see a theme here?

oven mitt, napkins and placemats.
did i mention that i am in LOVE with this fabric?  not sure why... but i want to make more stuff with it!!!
maybe a tablecloth will come next...  or wedding gifts from here to eternity!

a gift bag... reusable.  make it your lunch bag.  
your gym bag.  your diapers and wipes bag.  i don't know... but it's fun!

i just started SIX aprons for my sister.  she placed a BIG order.  she comes tomorrow and they are about half done!  i kinda like the big projects.  i get a bunch done at once!!!  and feel so successful.  never mind that my sister is the only one who has placed an order with me since i started my little business.  (okay, she's placed two orders!!!)  just glad to know that she believes in me!!  


my sewing room...

our upstairs hallway... i absolutely LOVE this wallpaper.  in fact, that's why we live in this house!

the kids playroom...

my baby's room.  

so, i was reading this blog the other day, and it described "mistreating" windows.  i realized that was just what i have done in my house.  we will live here for a total of LESS than seven months.  and there are SO MANY windows.  it's an old house, with beautiful old windows.  but, i didn't want to get curtains for all of them, only to move to another house that doesn't fit any of the expensive window treatments i bought.  

so, one of my first sewing projects for the house was window treatments.  i went to wal-mart, bought a bunch of sheets (okay, four to be exact), and used them as curtains.  the black one is a full sheet.  the green and blue are bits of sheets.  and, i had a ton of fabric left over!  to be used at a later date...

when we got here, there was a set of sheets (white) that we weren't going to use anymore.  but, they were pretty thick, so i cut that up to back the curtain in my baby's room.  i used the hems that came on the sheets, and hemmed where needed.  then, folded over the top and topstitched several inches down (so i could slide the rod in).  so simple, so easy.  if i was going to be here longer, i would have maybe combined the two colors for the kids playroom (blue room), or added ribbon to accent it.  but, were not here longer.  so, they are what they are.  the cover my windows and don't look all that bad....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

starting out.

i am just starting out.  trying something new.  seeing if doing what i love to do can be worthwhile and profitable.  or at least fun!  my goal is to publish my works in progress.  and the projects i finish.  and have fun just talking about it.  i am currently working on a quilt for my husband (okay, really for me!).  he got so excited when he saw me working on a project that i had to do one for him.  i let him pick out the pattern (of a few choices), and i picked out the fabric.  it's going to be awesome!  the blocks are all done.  time to get working on getting those blocks together.  but first, time to put kids in bed!