welcome to pink hydrangea. this is my passion... sewing and creating! it started as a hobby and moved to outfitting myself and my family. if you see something you like and are interested, email me at sewpinkhydrangea@gmail.com or visit my store.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

check me out!!

i have been working with a wonderful new friend on a logo for this company.  she has done a fabulous job, and i have the tough job of picking what i want!  but, check out her blog to see my options, and you can check back here soon to see what i decided on.

also, i am working on filling up my shop.  i have a shop (and when i have a few things in it, i'll tell you where it is!), and can't wait to show you some new stuff...

thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

some new things...

i had been hunting for this table.  i found it at a consignment store, but didn't want to pay $20 for it.  i went back again, but it still wasn't reduced.  i went back again, and it was gone.  i was so sad (there were several other goings-back, but it's an island we live on, and it's not tourist season, so hours are whatever the owner wants...).  i randomly went back again, and it was there again!  and $12.  i actually paid more for a picture frame than this.  and, i had a ton of paint from another project.  so....
i told the hubs last night that i feel like our room is almost finished.  he laughed and said, "we are moving in six weeks".  (i should also mention that in my looking for a pedestal bedside table, i wanted to buy another one, significantly more than $12, and asked permission as it would have exceeded my budget.  he said no, it would be one more thing to move.  so, when i asked him to bring this in from the car, i couldn't look at him.  he read it for what it was... that i knew he wouldn't be as excited as i was!!!)  but, i LOVE it in our bedroom...  
i have had this "veggie tales" fabric for awhile.  the kids just lug it around, raw edges and all...  so, i decided to put it on some left over minky i had!  j loves it!
a new shirt... but the collar should NOT have been interfaced... he looks like a clown!  
another new shirt.  thanks to ruthanne for the inspiration on the fabric.  she suggested i use it!  it looks so cute...  (i also made one with a "b" for a certain baby b that is due any day!!)

also, i am working on a website... anything you want to see featured on it??

Monday, March 14, 2011


to pinkhydrangeashop.blogspot.com.  i don't know why i didn't think of it before.  but it seems a little easier to remember and say.  see you there!  (with new pics and projects!)