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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

some new things...

i had been hunting for this table.  i found it at a consignment store, but didn't want to pay $20 for it.  i went back again, but it still wasn't reduced.  i went back again, and it was gone.  i was so sad (there were several other goings-back, but it's an island we live on, and it's not tourist season, so hours are whatever the owner wants...).  i randomly went back again, and it was there again!  and $12.  i actually paid more for a picture frame than this.  and, i had a ton of paint from another project.  so....
i told the hubs last night that i feel like our room is almost finished.  he laughed and said, "we are moving in six weeks".  (i should also mention that in my looking for a pedestal bedside table, i wanted to buy another one, significantly more than $12, and asked permission as it would have exceeded my budget.  he said no, it would be one more thing to move.  so, when i asked him to bring this in from the car, i couldn't look at him.  he read it for what it was... that i knew he wouldn't be as excited as i was!!!)  but, i LOVE it in our bedroom...  
i have had this "veggie tales" fabric for awhile.  the kids just lug it around, raw edges and all...  so, i decided to put it on some left over minky i had!  j loves it!
a new shirt... but the collar should NOT have been interfaced... he looks like a clown!  
another new shirt.  thanks to ruthanne for the inspiration on the fabric.  she suggested i use it!  it looks so cute...  (i also made one with a "b" for a certain baby b that is due any day!!)

also, i am working on a website... anything you want to see featured on it??

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  1. Love them all! I think your website should have a place where you can showcase the items you've created.