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Sunday, February 27, 2011

i have a commitment problem...

an "n" for nora...  

new fabric!!!  made my saturday.

my weekend didn't turn out as planned.  i was supposed to be at my sissy's bridal shower.
instead, my flight was cancelled, and i got to spend the weekend with my family!  i took myself to trader joe's and target.  and bought these awesome (but not pink) hydrangeas for myself!!  (oh, and it snowed this weekend... i am channeling spring!)

one more bolt of fabric... more laminated fabric!  i am going to be working on the bags this week!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

a redo.. in progress...

so, i have had the same (wonderful, handmade) bedding since we got married.  i am ready for a redo.  i really wanted white and then the ability to add whatever i want to it.  so, i got some european sateen and went to town.  the duvet cover took about 2 hours, and was done in time for bed last night!  i finished the shams today...  and the ruffles are basted on, so they can be removed easily if i change my mind in the next few years...  i still love the unfinished, empty frame above the bed.  it describes my room and my life right now.  we have LESS THAN THREE MONTHS left here!  
a close-up of the shams...  i can't wait to start working on some pillows!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


there are a lot of crafty women out there.  one i love is gussy sews.  she's having a giveaway this weekend... check it out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

some goings on...

new "boy" fabric...  trying to expand my horizons!
some new projects...  should NOT work on cute
baby girl clothes when trying NOT to have another baby!

i love the color contrast here...  

and the limey-yellow...

more for that chi o i adore... i hope her littles like them.
i decided i wanted to be a chi o, just so i could wear one!

the moths.  i LOVE this print!

and another t-shirt...  again, love this print!

including my scrap owl.  i got the pattern from a dear
friend from England...  and my little bean LOVES this owl.  

you could also title this post "things i did
with my scraps".  all these used were scraps.