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Monday, February 14, 2011

a redo.. in progress...

so, i have had the same (wonderful, handmade) bedding since we got married.  i am ready for a redo.  i really wanted white and then the ability to add whatever i want to it.  so, i got some european sateen and went to town.  the duvet cover took about 2 hours, and was done in time for bed last night!  i finished the shams today...  and the ruffles are basted on, so they can be removed easily if i change my mind in the next few years...  i still love the unfinished, empty frame above the bed.  it describes my room and my life right now.  we have LESS THAN THREE MONTHS left here!  
a close-up of the shams...  i can't wait to start working on some pillows!!


  1. AAAHHHH!! I love it! You know me and my bedding obsession! What a great skill to have so you can actually change your bedding anytime without dropping at least $300!! Looks wonderful!

  2. Oh. I love the ruffles on the shams! You should totally keep them.