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Saturday, October 15, 2011

some changes...

my new planter.  trying to grow some veggie and herbs...  we'll see!  we picked a bunch of basil and oregano for dinner, and it was good!  (it was the hubs' chili, which is always good...)

did i ever show you my couch?  i got the pattern from the slipcover girl, okay, not so much pattern as good instructions that were totally worth it, and it (mostly) worked.  if i would have followed the old pattern for the back cushions, it would have been perfect.  but, i decided to make them rectangular.  and somehow measured wrong.  so, i need one more, or something.  but for now, i like the look.  and am LOVING the white!  and my living room flows... 

okay, so the changes.  i am combining my blogs.  i separated to have the business separate from my family one.  but, in case you haven't noticed, that's been hard to maintain.  so, i am joining forces.  and moving them to a NEW location!  (but kind of the same...)  as of monday, you can go here to get me!  also, i have an etsy site now.  it's seems more practical to maintain and better for me (and hopefully you!).  so, there are the links.  hopefully these will be the last big changes.  and since there are, like, three of you that follow this blog, hopefully it's a move at a good time!

Friday, September 16, 2011


did i mention that we are having a boy?  
baby christopher david

so, a series of new hats for baby christopher...

also... i have been doing a lot of thinking about my shop, blog, a third baby.  priorities.  currently, my wonderful, navy husband is home.  the nights he is home, i LOVE to spend on the couch with him, laughing at silly sitcoms.  or reading and snuggling on the couch. those times are priceless.  when he deploys, i will probably sew a lot more!  (i do now the nights he is on the ship.)

also, i want to spend time with my kids.  a lot of times, i can squeeze a little bit of sewing in here and there when the 2 year old naps, but it's an hour here and there.  and their school... that i thought would be PRIME sewing time, is taken up with grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, etc.

so, all that to say, i am going to be working this out in the next few weeks.  what that will look like, where i host my shop, etc.  i might even merge this and my family blog...  we'll see.  (since a lot of the time, i write mostly the same stuff...)  so bear with me.  and visit the shop... i will keep the link current!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what i wore wednesday...

this sweet boy. and he wore yellow because it was the color of the day at school. sweet thing. so snuggly!!!
pants: juicy couture from nordy rac
top: old navy
pants: still juicy pants
top: free people from nordy rack
pants: motherhood maternity
top: free people (again, nordy rack... see a theme this week?)
skirt: motherhood maternity (my mom bought it for me after a bad mood day...)
top: target
hubs: shorts: old navy
           shirt: nex
skirt: motherhood maternity
top: FREE at old navy!!!

linking up with lindsay again...  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

what i've been up to...

some basil from my "garden" (read: flower pot by the front door!!)

made into a WONDERFUL salsa!!!

chocolate chip cookies!!!

using up the last of my favorite salt.  but, a good friend offered to ship me some!  
(yes, i probably could find a good substitute on the island.  but, i just love it!)

organizing our "entry".  i love the little bench!  
and i finally get to use the pillows i made like two years ago!!!

cleaning up my sewing room.  check out the new knobs i found in portsmouth, new hampshire on a weekend getaway last spring!  i just LOVE them.  you can't tell, but they are all glittery and sparkly!  little bean just LOVES them.  (they ARE pink and sparkly.  two of her fav colors!)

my sewing "area".  the old sewing machine is my tv stand.  
and the new shelf housing books, etc.  and my machine/desk!

our bed.  i love the way this turned out!  i love the picture and the "art" i made!  i love the white, clean look!  i am hoping to make a big lumbar pillow soon...  and maybe a bench for the end of the bed!

hubs' ship pulled in today.  it was fun to watch it from a friend's house, high up on the ridge.  it's good to know he's "home", even though we won't see him till dinner.  he's only been gone for 11 days.  nothing compared to what we will do.  but, it's always good to see him!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what i wore wednesday...

shirt: old navy (super cheap on clearance)
skirt: motherhood maternity (a gift from my mom)
shoes: (no, you can't see them!) tjmaxx

shirt: adidas (leftover from when my baby sis worked there)
shorts: lululemon (and might have to go in the drawer until #3 is born :( ...)
shoes: vibrim (BEST. SHOES. EVER!!)

shirt: old navy (you guessed it, clearance again!!)
pants: old navy

sweet girl on facetime with her auntie and playing princesses....

one more i found from this week...

shirt: marshall's (a gift from my bestie!)
jeans: old navy
white tank: nordstrom bp (best undershirt/tank EVER!)

alright... my sewing room is FINALLY set up!  i will post pics tomorrow.  and, i sewed my first thing here last night.  so, it's time to get back in the swing of things.  

linking up with lindsay from the pleated poppy!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what i wore... and what i've been up to...

getting my hawaii driver's license!!!
shirt: gap maternity
pants: motherhood
earrings: free people
necklace: j. crew
camera strap: eclectic whatnot

at the beach!!!
swim suit: jc penny's

going to pick up my husband at the airport after TWO months of not seeing him!!!
dress: target
flower: j crew
shoes (cute brown wedges): steve madden

oh, new fabric i thought i would throw in!!  as soon as i get settled, i will be making FUN new bags with this amy butler oil cloth!

i think we were just bumming around this day...
shirt: hand me down... i think target
skirt: target maternity

so, we just moved to hawaii.  one week ago!  we are loving it!!!  and wonderfully, my brother flew with us and is still here to hang with us.  i am getting settled.  my sewing machine got here on monday, but i have yet to clear a space for it!  give me a few more days and i will be back in the shop!

linking up again with the pleated poppy...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

what i've been up to...

getting my new shoes.  that i LOVE!

a birthday party for a girl...

LOVED making the cake.  appropriate since we are moving to the "rainbow state"

she was thrilled with it...

and this boy...  we had to go to the er for some stitches...

i organized some slave labor to help me finish a project!  (no really, my WONDERFUL friends knew how stressed i was about finishing the project, and offered to help.  it was HEAVENLY!!!)

at the er.  thank goodness for a phone with apps and youtube!  a three hour wait for four stitches!
he loves to show them off...  and show off his "cars" band aid.  

so...  leslie won the giveaway... and on her BIRTHDAY no less!  happy birthday, leslie!  your bag is in the mail. 

and lb, thanks so much for hosting my FIRST. GIVEAWAY. EVER!

it's been a busy weekend.  busier than i even thought.  

i have been meaning to blog all weekend.  thursday night, i had a wonderful sewing night with my girlfriends.  but, we stayed up WAY too late...  way too late for this pregnant girl whose babies get up EARLY!  and friday, we had a birthday party for my girl, since we will have moved by her birthday and won't be with the fam for awhile.  and we were all up way too late.  (see a theme here?)  

saturday was a blur.  i napped.  saw a high school friend.  went to bed early after some cards with the fam.  today was church.  and a good book.  and the blow up pool outside.  and now "justin beiber: never say never" with my mom.  cause we can.  btw... my doppleganger is in this movie!!!  at one of the concerts.  crazy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a day of firsts... what i wore wednesday and a giveaway!!!

(dress: me!  fabric from joanns, $16 for both, serged by a friend!)
(shoes: $1 at old navy)
(sunglasses: kate spade- a Christmas present!)
(swim suit: jc penny- cause no one else had them when i was looking in january!)

(top: old navy- $6)
(jeans: tj maxx- seven- the off brand of "for all mankind")
(shoes: $1 old navy)
(bracelet: alex and ani- a gift!!)

my first ever "what i wore wednesday".  i'm going to be honest.  not sure how to link up with other wiww yet, but i am going to try!!  (technology exploded while i was expanding my family...  now i have to catch up!!!)

also... we are doing our FIRST. EVER. GIVEAWAY!  i was so excited when a dear friend emailed and asked if i would do one on her site.  her parents have a similar story to mine (dad went to the academy, mom was a navy nurse, met in san diego, got married REALLY fast... they even beat our six months).  she and my sister have been friends FOREVER!  

and... she has an awesome food blog.  i can't even tell you how many of her recipes i have used and LOVED, and how many more i want to try.  my favorite were the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.  there are so many more to try... not sure if my waistline can handle it!  

one of the things i love about her blog is that so many of her recipes are from some magazine or family recipe, but adapted by her.  she's not afraid to try out new things in her cooking.  anyway, check her out, and check out the giveaway!  

and, if i am doing this right, i should be linked with lindsey on the pleated poppy. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

new stuff...

soon to be posted on the site...

the pretty in pleats

with two pockets inside

a laminated blanket for outside.... (this is NOT the laminated side...)

the green side is laminated

perfect for picnics lunches

my parents have these BEAUTIFUL pink hydrangeas blooming right now...

some new wine creations...

reused from my brother's shirts...

he recently lost a bunch of weight and was getting rid of some shirts.  
i kept the shirts, not quite sure what i would do with them.

a padded little zippered bag. 

perfect for those things you don't want tossed around too much.

a wipes carrier.  

with a matching changing pad.

so, there you go.  a bunch of new projects.