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Saturday, June 25, 2011

new stuff...

soon to be posted on the site...

the pretty in pleats

with two pockets inside

a laminated blanket for outside.... (this is NOT the laminated side...)

the green side is laminated

perfect for picnics lunches

my parents have these BEAUTIFUL pink hydrangeas blooming right now...

some new wine creations...

reused from my brother's shirts...

he recently lost a bunch of weight and was getting rid of some shirts.  
i kept the shirts, not quite sure what i would do with them.

a padded little zippered bag. 

perfect for those things you don't want tossed around too much.

a wipes carrier.  

with a matching changing pad.

so, there you go.  a bunch of new projects.  


  1. so cute michelle! excited for the giveaway to post tomorrow!

  2. really cute stuff, Shell. Love the yellow and white print, very cheery. And the outdoor blanket, what a great idea. : )