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Thursday, August 18, 2011

what i've been up to...

some basil from my "garden" (read: flower pot by the front door!!)

made into a WONDERFUL salsa!!!

chocolate chip cookies!!!

using up the last of my favorite salt.  but, a good friend offered to ship me some!  
(yes, i probably could find a good substitute on the island.  but, i just love it!)

organizing our "entry".  i love the little bench!  
and i finally get to use the pillows i made like two years ago!!!

cleaning up my sewing room.  check out the new knobs i found in portsmouth, new hampshire on a weekend getaway last spring!  i just LOVE them.  you can't tell, but they are all glittery and sparkly!  little bean just LOVES them.  (they ARE pink and sparkly.  two of her fav colors!)

my sewing "area".  the old sewing machine is my tv stand.  
and the new shelf housing books, etc.  and my machine/desk!

our bed.  i love the way this turned out!  i love the picture and the "art" i made!  i love the white, clean look!  i am hoping to make a big lumbar pillow soon...  and maybe a bench for the end of the bed!

hubs' ship pulled in today.  it was fun to watch it from a friend's house, high up on the ridge.  it's good to know he's "home", even though we won't see him till dinner.  he's only been gone for 11 days.  nothing compared to what we will do.  but, it's always good to see him!

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