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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

stay tuned!!!

so, i am moving in two days.  i don't know why, but all the big moves in my "business" world are inspired JUST before big moves in my other life.  like...  i got my tax id and made my first big fabric order the week i moved here.  and now, i opened up "shop" within the month i am moving!  never fear...  pink hydrangea shop is not going far... just pausing for a few weeks.  i am packing up my sewing stuff and moving it in with the 'rents for the summer.  then, my fabric, kids and i will move to our tropical island destination!!  so, think, plan and dream about what you want to order.  you can even go ahead and order it.  but i won't be shipping until may 25th.  (plus, now is as good a time as any to pause the business... WAIT FOR IT... cause i won't be idle in my time.  i am planning BIG THINGS for when i am back!)

stay tuned...

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