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Sunday, January 23, 2011

a FAB new project!!!

another quilt...
much like my last square quilt... just a little bigger!  
my next sale!

a new project.  that i am OBSESSED with.

see the detail on the top of the pocket?  hubs was so impressed 
that my sewing machine did this!

it's sad, because my lack of lighting washes it out...  
it's a deeper green than this shows.  and the outside is laminated!

the set of three...

maybe my favorite.  a little zippered pouch that i am working
on attaching to one of the bags...  but, that can be removed, too...

i also made a dress... i am going to have to get pictures later.  and, i decided i wanted to redo my amy butler wristlet.  so, i undid all the sewing and will start redoing it.  it was an earlier project and i just wasn't happy with it.  it could be better!  

i love the bags!!  i hope you like them as much.  i think i am going to order some laminated fabric so that i can make some more of these!  new projects, here i come!!!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! So wonderful! Sorry I missed you, we were in church. Thanks for posing pics for me to see the little gems!