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Saturday, January 8, 2011

new year's....

a new year... new shorts.  
they should go well in hawaii...  
i tried shorts this summer.  they didn't turn out so well.  they DEFINITELY didn't cover everything underwear should cover!  it was quite hilarious to see, actually.  i laughed long and hard!!  and then got frustrated as i tried again and failed.  (at least this time it covered as much as underwear does!)  so, i was browsing around this little shop the other day, and found patterns 3/$1.00.  i snatched this one up right away!  it's from 1984, so i changed the design a bit.  i am not into high waisted elastic (although i realize that's kinda back in style!).  i like the button.  and the fabric.  and the pockets.  and the cuff on the bottom.  

i came down to tell my husband i was almost done with the shorts and he showed the usual excitement at my finishing a project (he gets almost as excited as me!).  i told him he didn't get it.  this was HUGE!  blank stare.  so, i told him to imagine a video game he was playing and this certain level kept beating him.  he just couldn't get past it.  then, one day, almost by chance, he beats that level.  imagine the excitement.  he got it!  i defeated my level!!!  

a new camera strap...

a reorganized fabric closet!
now i can see all the fabric i thought i was missing!
the bluish hue is from the sheet/curtain i am using over the window...

all recently washed/pressed/folded...

more for the new baby quilt project i am starting...
not for me... an order!!!  whoo hoo!
and i love when i am just given colors and get to pick the fabrics!

my new dress... made from my new fabric!
i made the dress according to the pattern, and then had to cut the dress almost in half!  it was HUGE.  think circus tent!  but now, i like it!!  not the best angle, but football is on, so my photographer could only be bothered to take the picture, not get up to take it!  (i love him anyway, because he is the MOST. SUPPORTIVE. of my sewing endeavors!  especially when it means going over budget every month because of one more fabric purchase!)

new year's resolutions.  so many blogs i follow have done them.  here are mine, as they pertain to you!

1.  make myself known.    
2. make the design/layout user friendly.
3. have some type of "shop" on here.
4. actually have "product" stocked.

for now... if you see something you want, or have an idea, email me.  sewpinkhydrangea@gmail.com.  i can quote you a price and get started on it.  currently i am using paypal, but that may change soon!  so, there we go!  here's to 2011!

(ps.  i should note that from time to time, i make things from patterns that explicitly say not for use for sale.  i will try to note them, so you don't fall in love with it to have me tell you i can't do it!  like the circus tent dress.  i can't sell that to you.  sorry.)

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  1. The shorts! The dress! Girl, you won't need to shop anymore! Be careful ;) Haha. Love you and love that you share your talent with us all via blog. You are wonderful!